Cloud Computing & Conway’s Law

a previous post: PaaS as change enabler, I mentioned Conway’s law as a difficulty to be addressed when looking for implementing a cloud solution.

organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations

Recently Gartner analyst: Thomas J. Bittman;Problems Encountered by 95% of Private Clouds researched which problems where suffering their clients with private clouds and found that 95% of them have problems with their solutions.

Amazon AWS (Private Clouds are things of the past) and other cloud providers/evangelists will parrot that “private clouds are inherently broken” but I can’t follow their logic on those reasons.

The problems encountered are related to the use of the technology not the technology itself, and most of them will occur implementing cloud, private or hybrid clouds.

If I had to extract a title it’d be “Companies don’t fully understand Cloud Computing“, they map their expertise, their knowledge and their organizational model to a cloud paradigm (hence Conway’s law) without fully committing/understanding all the consequences of a cloud model.

Anyway, those detected problems are critical. Addressing them mark the difference between a successful project or a failure for any company, and it usually involves a change of mindset which is cloud computing really about. A change of paradigm which without it, maybe there isn’t any difference to an advanced virtualization.

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