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The Arsenal.

When you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail, but a good professional without having to renounce to the hammer (one of the differences between a pro and a real pro, the later knows when to use it), has a toolbox with a collection of chosen utils right for the job or at least for any contingency (yes, that any would be the hammer for).

Tools I use and are usually needed in any migration. They are Linux oriented, there should be alternatives for other platforms.

  • An office suite, LibreOffice could be enough for most things but MS Project it’s still king. A tool for planning tasks and resources is critical. We could even argue that it shouldn’t be our job managing the project, it’s a full job in itself. Not only to manage the technical details but also the followups or sideways of all the people involved… But alas, Spain is different.
  • An issue/ticket management and a wiki. Redmine or Jira.
  • A firewall rules management software. Shorewall.
  • A DNS proxy/resolver. Dnsmasq
  • Software for centralizing logs. Logstash, elasticsearch and kibana. Explained with more detail in Warlogs.
  • A monitoring strategy and software. Zabbix
  • Networking tools (tcpdump, netcat, iproute2, wireshark,…)
  • Software for installing packages/updates supporting channels.
  • To be continue…

In following posts I’d explain how I use them and why. What are the motives and what I try to accomplish.